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ABOUT MLMI Technologies
MLM International, the parent company of MLMI Technologies, has sold military equipment to NATO and other U.S. friendly countries since the mid-1980s. A major challenge it faced over those 25 years was meeting the operations and maintenance training demands of end-users. Paper manuals were never sufficient. In response to this challenge, MLMI Technologies was established to create software tools to effectively, efficiently, and quickly train end-users in the proper maintenance of all types of military and industrial equipment. MLMI Technologies believes that in the coming years equipment buyers in a range of industries spanning defense, medical, industrial, and energy to name a few, will demand that all equipment they purchase come with an interactive trainer rather than a static paper manual. MLMI Technologies is a leader in meeting this demand.

MLMI Technologies’ management experience gives it the edge necessary to lead the global transformation from confusing, ineffective, and static 2D technical manuals to powerful 3D interactive instruction. MLM Technologies management’s core competencies include:

  • Developing and Marketing Simulation and Software Products.
  • Foreign Military Procurement Processes. With over 25 years experience serving 80 NATO customers worldwide we know foreign government procurement and how the procurement systems work.
  • Working with Large Defense OEMs. MLMI Technologies management has established relationships with the world’s leading OEMs as well as smaller manufacturers.
  • International Trade Law. NGT2 management well versed and experience operating within international trade laws including compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).