Can I see a demo?

We would be happy to set up a time to give you a demo of our software online or in person if possible.   Just send us an email at info@MLMItechnologies.com.

For what types of equipment does MLMi Technologies develop ITMs?

MLMi Technologies primary focus is on the defense, oil and gas, and medical equipment industries, but ITMs can be built for any product that requires assembly, disassembly, maintenance and servicing.


Are ITMs supposed to replace live hands-on training?

No. We view ITMs as the ideal complement to hands-on training. Our products can even be incorporated into live training sessions. ITMs enable students to familiarize themselves with a piece of equipment and be better prepared for a live training session. After the session ITMs can be used for staying fresh on approved procedures and as a reference guide for those who were not able to attend live training. Additionally, our trainers provide some important functionality that is not always practical in the real world. It is not always practical or desirable to cause an equipment failure just for training purposes. 3D ITMs simulate expensive maintenance faults that students can diagnosis and repair in a virtual environment.


Do ITMs offer tracking and reporting functionality?

One of the great benefits of using 3D ITMs is the ability to track who has trained and the progression of each student. Our tracking and reporting modules let organizations know that the training information has been retained and maintenance procedures are consistent. ITMs are SCORM compliant so they can be easily integrated into any learning management system.


Does MLMi Technologies sell software development services or 3D ITMs?

MLMi Technologies works closely with manufacturers and end-users to develop specifications that incorporate best practices and deliver the appropriate feature set for each 3D ITM user.  So the answer is yes to both questions.


Does MLMi Technologies handle tech support or does the equipment manufacturer?

MLMi Technologies handles any and all software installation and tech support issue related to the ITMs. The support is offered via email, online chat, and phone. Issues regarding operation and maintenance of the equipment that the 3D ITM covers continue to be handled by the manufacturer.